Is There a God?

May 12, 2006

Why free will is a myth

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Free will is a myth, as is most of the Christian faith.

The idea of free will is that God gave us the gift to make our own decisions. Of course accepting the gift of Jesus's sacrifice is supposed to be the ultimate use of this free will.

But free will cannot exist within the idea that all happens within God's plan. If God has planned out existence from the beginning through the end than free will has no effect. For everything to be planned, than all the decisions you make with your free will would have to be predetermined and therefore not really your choice.

For example, Bob has the option to either kill Chris or not. It is within the idea of free will that Bob can make this decision. But God put Chris on this earth for a very specific reason which has not yet been fulfilled. If Bob decides not to kill Chris it is within God's will, but if he decides to kill Chris than it is breaking God's will. If God's will can be broken by a simple human than God is not as powerful as He has led us to believe. If Bob decides to let Chris live and stays within God's will than God may be considered the powerful being written about but in that case Chris really didn't have the free will that he imagined.



  1. If Bob decides not to kill Chris, and has made a choice to let Chris live, then Bob becomes as God himself, by being the controler of Chris’s destiny at that given moment in time.

    Freewill- another Christian apologetic term to make someone think that they have a choice whether they will spend eternity either in Hell or Heaven based upon their decission, where as the Christian using the term freewill, has already determined and convinced themselves that they will be the one that spends their eternity in Heaven, because they have chosen their freewill correctly and have made the right decision. But should you not be as wise and ingenious as they, woe unto you, you are less than me! I am chosen, I am glorious, I am righteous! I am saved! But you’re going to Hell!

    But God is not a respecter of persons, huh?

    Comment by Ben — May 12, 2006 @ 9:32 pm

  2. hmmm, how about ‘foreknowledge’ rather than ‘predestination’?

    i mean, if God is outside of time, then He can see the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end. kinda like me looking at a page of comics, i can see the whole story unfurl. to the characters in the comic the next panel is the future and they don’t know what will happen, but as the reader i know cos i can see the next panel.

    so if my idea of God being outside of time is right, He already knows the decisions we will make before we make them, because to Him it’s as if we already made them. am i making any sense?

    but God’s foreknowledge doesn’t make free will impossible, because knowing that something will happen and making it happen are two different things.

    what do u think of this idea?

    Comment by siehjin — June 29, 2006 @ 1:58 am

  3. But the comic book characters’ actions are predetermined. The author knows exactly what they’re going to do in the script tomorrow.

    Say God knew I was going to choose to wear my brown shoes this morning. But my free will allows me to pick the black shoes. Were I to pick the black shoes God would be wrong, and since God cannot be wrong I can’t pick anything other than the brown shoes.

    Comment by Is There a God? — June 29, 2006 @ 6:02 am

  4. I think the comic book was a pretty good example and I get what you are saying. But Ill use the argument about the brown vs black shoes. Im pretty sure what he is trying to get at is that God didnt plan which pair of shoes you were going to pick, you pick the shoes out of free will and because he is all knowing he already knew which decision you were going to make.He didnt MAKE you choose either, you chose them, he just knew which ones you were gonna choose. Really its little things like this that have to make you TRY to think of things on a much greater scale, but of course being human makes us not be able to fatham things like this…there are just somethings you can try to think about till your head explodes and we have our limits, somethings you just cant wrap your head around. Its all infinint and we can only really comprehend things that have limits. I mean sure we know what the word infinint means, but we’ll never be able to grasp how vast space is and that it never ends and no matter how far you go youll never ever find an end to it…and thats just crazy. BUT, what if you did find and end to it? What if there is an ending point…what the hell is after that? How can there not be anything? How can there just be nothing at all… Im sure you understand what im trying to get at. Being all knowing, all powerful is really impossible for us to wrap our heads around…so small arguments about what shoes to wear or why bob killed chris and why things happened the way they did is really above and beyond what we will ever REALLY know.

    Comment by Brandon — August 27, 2006 @ 12:32 am

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